Asia-Pacific’s most advanced datacentre coming to Asean

Thailand will have the first Tier IV Gold datacentre, as rated by the Uptime Institute, in Asia in the first quarter of 2017. This will make it the most advanced datacentre in the Asia-Pacific and the largest in Thailand, with capacity for more than 6,000 data server racks.

The Uptime Institute’s datacentre tier certification is awarded at four levels, and Tier IV represents a certification for a fault-tolerant site infrastructure.

Located in Hemmaraj Industrial Estate in Thailand’s eastern province Chonburi, the 11bn THB (US$300m) Supernap datacentre is being developed by Supernap International, together with a group of leading Thai organisations, including CPB Equity, Kasikorn Bank, Siam Commercial Bank and True IDC.

“The Supernap Thailand datacentre is a mirror of Switch Supernap US facilities, which are the first Tier IV Gold carrier-neutral colocation datacentres. This cutting-edge datacentre will meet the global demand for innovation in Asia-Pacific,” said Khaled Bichara, CEO of Supernap International.

Te datacentre will generate “intense competition” in the industry for customers in Thailand, said Tuang Cheevatadavirut, senior market analyst at IDC.

“This will create a huge impact in the Thailand ICT/IT industry, as the datacentre supply will grow significantly and an international player such as Supernap will cater mostly to the premium customer segment in the Asian or Asean region. The local operators will need to compete with a new standard for quality, security and innovation to differentiate their services,” added Cheevatadavirut.

IDC expects the existing local operators to initially compete on price. Enterprises are expected to be attracted to their lower price points and may try outsourcing non-core business processes.

Later, these local operators will realise that enterprises are willing to pay a premium for datacentre services that drive business growth through systems of engagement, insight and action, rather than maintain existing systems of record,” said Cheevatadavirut.

He said the datacentre is a result of a partnership between five different entities, which means some of the datacentre’s capacity will be utilised by the partners, with the remainder of the capacity being rented out to customers.

The Supernap datacentre is likely to be the most technologically advanced datacentre in the region, as there is no record of any Uptime Institute rated Tier IV datacentres in Japan, Singapore, India, South Korea or China, said Cheevatadavirut.

“These countries may use different standards or they may build to match Tier IV standard, but are not certified and registered with Uptime Institute.”

The Supernap datacentre will cover an area of nearly 12 hectares and will be built outside the flood zone, 110 meters above sea level. It is built 27km away from the international submarine cable landing station, which links the facility to national and international telecoms and IT carriers. 

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